November 15, 2008

The Land that Feeds Us: 16th Oct

Curious to hear more of Simon Fairlie’s ideas, we attended this talk by him at the Hornbeam Centre.

‘Simon Fairlie is an inspiring writer and thinker. He has worked for 20 years as an agricultural worker, builder and stonemason. He is editor of ‘The Land’ magazine and campaigns for access to land for all through environmentally sound planning. He will lead a discussion about what it would really mean for us to become much more self-sufficient in food production in the UK. How would our diets need to change, and how could it be done sustainably? What changes need to be made to land control and ownership? To what extent are we forced to make these changes as the age of cheap, plentiful oil comes to an end?’


The discussion was based on an article he published in the latest issue of The Land.

Download a pdf of the article here: can_britain_feed_itself

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