November 17, 2008


download the full flyer here

21st November – 5th December 2008 (every day)

At the Field Station Over Flow Car Park, Gunpowder Park,
Sewardstone Road, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 3GP

An open invitation

Dear all,

It is early November. We’ve chosen a site, parked a trailer in it and now we’re on the hunt for materials, tools, local food and a lot of people power!

We’re preparing for an intensive two weeks when Energy Café will be under construction. Starting from scratch on the 21st November until the 5th December, we will begin to set up the basic essentials for testing an off grid café: a live proposal of what could be…

…this will involve keeping warm with all sorts of physical activities: from sourcing local food to customizing the Energy Cafe trailer into a mobile community kitchen, collecting materials for recycling, building temporary shelters for communal use, experimenting with ways to generate off grid energy, build outdoor winter ovens and barbeques on site, cook and eat! We’d also like to start a seasonal growing food plot.


We’ve got a perfect location to experiment! We’re sending out an open call for people to drop in, get involved and share their knowledge. If you have ideas we’d like to hear from you! Individuals and groups are welcome! We hope Energy Cafe will evolve collectively through input from local residents, passers by, friends and people working in the area. So we’ve set aside this two weeks for exactly that to happen.

If you feel like joining us in this collective hands-on experiment, or just want to drop in, have a tea and see what’s going on, we will be there during the days and evenings. Just give us a call in advance – in case we’ve gone off searching for food or materials!

There will be specific things happening on certain days – like building a clay oven or constructing wind turbines, and there may be special events and cook ups – so do check the blog regularly for updates and progress reports or contact us directly on the phone.


We look forward to meeting you!!

Pilot Publishing
07947367463 or 07791246022

click here for detailed directions and maps to the site

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