November 22, 2008

Friday 21st November.

Today we are starting from scratch, Energy Cafe is under ‘collective’ construction… It’s winter for sure, could be snow at the weekend. Suddenly the crab apple trees in between the Field Station and Energy Cafe site are bare but there are still a few of the last summer apples on the ground. The change of season has exposed the fields to the sky, the wind blasting cold right through to the bones. We saw for a glimpse, geese leaving for warmer climates.


We brought loads more materials to the the site today some found and some donated. We’ve got alot more collections to in the next few days this will probably be our main activity. But we will be on site , but do call us if you’re planning to join us.

Thanks to everyone who has come forward in the last couple of days – offering donations, advice, encouragement and involvement.

This email from our friend Martin captures the spirit…’We are living after the leaves have fallen’, as the poet Wallace Stevens says, ‘ours is the poverty/of autumnal space’
Or as Beckett who did more than most to critique the ruling ideology of development and who sought out a return to a plain sense of things and the simplist elements of everyday life; pond, mud, water, food, rats and lilies. To see the plain anew, with a new passion and allow the finiteness of the finite to sparkle in the mid-day sun again…the work of art of all our futures will be the construction of a passionate life.
As Beckett again said, the return to the everyday, what has always remained so hidden in our lives, appears only with its disappearing but it alone rejoins the nonappearence of all other lives- dead as well as living. How to affirm whilst maintaing its secrets and its fidelity with the outside – ‘imagination dead, imagine’

We were very happy to hear from Ken Boak who is running his ‘typical 100 year old semi-detatched house’ on renewable fuels. His big thing at the moment is how to use waste wood as fuel – he sent us links on to how to make a sawdust cooker from Cape Verde. This is really inspiring, we’d like to try it out.

Anna who lives in Dorset has been making crab apple jelly today


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