November 28, 2008

Monday 24th November


Twelve hours packing the van. Drove up the A10 from Dalston through Tottenham,


Edmonton over the M25 through to Waltham Abbey,


past the Sainsburys distribution unit, around and around roundabouts onto Sewardston Road,


turning off right just after the last roundabout, into Gunpowder park locked gate. Many keys, combinations and codes to handle, keep hold of and remember so that we have free access onto the site (about an acre we think).

Stuck in the mud. A van stuffed full with donated materials and tools from Shaun, Hackney City Farm, a ton of soil from Freecycle, 3 bags of fleeces and a giant ball of Jute string from Rachael, Prick your Finger.


Arriving at Gunpowder Park in the rain and darkness. Drove into the water clogged field, wheels sinking, clutch stinking, burning. Completely stuck in the mud.

Rain. unloaded. grappling in the dark. unprepared, no torches. windy. gazebo blown away into the marshes.


Keys to the field station don’t work, no way of opening the shutter…but we don’t panic we decide to sleep in the van.

We bought some pasta but we haven’t brought any water with us but no problem there’s some left over from Saturday night. Better not to waste it anyway.

Put up the wind breaker from Rachael (felt like we were at the beach) got the sun stove going and the three of us sat under the stars. Eating pasta out of the big pot with spoons. by that time the rain had stopped. It was the coldest night of the year. We wore blankets, scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, thermals, two pairs of socks and loads of other layers. Quite difficult to move around.


Crashed out. Freezing, it felt like being frozen from the inside out (opposite to a microwave) …kind of imagine ones blood frozen.

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