November 28, 2008

Tuesday 25th November

Early start.


How to get out of the mud?


Jacked up the wheels, recruited help from boiler engineers busy at the Field Station and the LANS staff.


Few attempts, big push…


On the road again to pick up materials – first stop The Arc Scrapp Project in Edmonton…

met Chris who gave us loads of great materials from bamboo poles to gaffer tape, and filled us in on the history of the riots between local farmers and the gunpowder factory in 1812 about the deep contamination of the land.


About an urban growing project they planned in a local bowling green, but it was extinguished due to the fact that mercury was found in the soil… a result of pollution. Where to find the purity? Chemical pollution seems to be seeped in everything: the sky, the soil….

Found the industrial park nearby… things being produced, car breakers yards, hard hat zones, scrap metal… the London Waste Centre… urban jetsom washed up to its edge…


Crammed in as many waste pallets as possible…a few random tyres…

Back on site, starting to organise material.


Ground is water-logged. Mud spreading everywhere.


Created walking platforms. Imagining the trailer moved to face the sun… but no one to help move it.

Sun down. Freezing again. Skin dry, lips chapped. Bodies reacting and adapting to being outdoors…

Chopping wood and heating up – strenuous daily exercise – gets the circulation running. Trying to start a fire in the chimnea… remembering Ken’s fire lighting philosophy. If you don’t get it right when its small, it won’t work when its big… every step counts…

First outdoor kitchen – playing with textures, bricks quickly make a floor area, pallets with carpet tiles to sit on, a plank on the trailer wheel arch for preparing food… a simple box for cutlery…


It gets dark at about five but feels like its eleven. Start thinking about food.


Takes three hours to cook a good meal on the wood burning stove, more if you count time spent chopping wood. Then ready for deep sleep.


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