November 29, 2008

Thursday 27th November

It rained all night.



Water is weighing the plastic roof down… A quick gaffer tape repair job is necessary until we change the structure.


Andrew, turned up unexpectedly from Horsel with his chainsaw. A woodsman, he prepared a morning’s worth of kindling and firewood. The chimnea door seems to be missing. No problem, he cut one with tin snips out of a veg oil can. It will use less wood with a door on…but its nice to watch the fire… He promotes clean wood burning stoves in the third world and told us about using the charcoal to fertilise the land. A cycle of taking and giving back…

Eggs and spinach cooked on the chimnea for brunch.


The trailer door has been blowing open so it needs fixing


while Shaun gets the bike power in action.

And today the frame for the outdoor sink was built.



Thanks Andrew! A great sink. Still to have water pump attached. Since using it we do find ourselves trying to turn the taps on! We’re learning how conditioned our unconscious daily acts really are…

Back on the road again – to Edmonton. Past the Eco park to Montegue Road next to the recreation ground to the Car breakers to load the van with palettes.


Found a rusty old what we think was a petrol tank inside a smashed up horse box – perfect for a stove.


got permission to take a few buckets of sand from the Cement Plant to build a sandpit fire.


We got away with entering this site without hard hats, but didn’t get away with corrugated iron sheets, too long to fit in the van.

Meanwhile… Nigel drove from Peckham to drop off a army tent – to go on top of a landrover, a water butt and tent poles and a Mars Bar…

Back on site. Bike powered unit taking shape




…into the night, at the same time as Polly walked to Enfield Lock station through Gunpowder Park, insisting she was fine in the dark without a torch.


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