December 9, 2008

Saturday 29th November

Dog walking seems to be the most popular activity in Gunpowder Park.


Visitors to the site are spreading the word about Energy Cafe by handing out flyers to other dog walkers and neighbours.


Started organising materials into categories, including:

Stove making: empty gas bottles, grills, bicycle wheel, oil cans, old petrol tank, various pipes and flues, copper pipes, tin cans – enough to start constructing and testing…


A selection of poles: still not enough to make the framework for a sturdy shelter. Does anyone have tarpaulin, canvas or a large tent they would like to donate?


Looking at how we could integrate the natural resources around the site into the construction process.


Grasses and reeds are ideal for weaving and basketry…


After talking with Rachael about this she made a drawing of how to make an Iron Age Loom


We’d like to try this out – possibly to make a woven wall to strengthen the structure. Use of the natural resources around us begin to create an aesthetic, blending in with the environment.


There is a lot of interest in building a clay oven with locally sourced clay. We talked about this with Janice who visited today.


Everyday around 4.00pm geese fly low in the sky, over the site, reminding us that the daylight hours are nearly over.


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