December 9, 2008

An email from Fiona



We met briefly last Saturday. After I left you, I walked down the Lee Valley to Walthamstow, so the cafe is now ‘connected’ to my space. As it turns out, I do live just within your 6-mile radius as the crow flies.

I am very interested in your project. Common space … I was nearly prevented from crossing the Waterworks Golf Course, on my way to Hackney Marsh two weeks ago, because of electric cable works.


On Walthamstow Marsh, workers were saying – ‘we’ll have to cut this lot back soon’ of the very vegetation I was studying for a painting.


Path and road closures around the Stratford Destruction Site, no information on how to continue your journey (no joke when you are travelling by foot).

Food, and local food. Absolutely. Sharing. absolutely.

I offered you two water barrels suitable for collecting water for gardening
A sour dough culture for bread-making. I also have some spare gardening tools.

I expressed an interest in helping build a bread oven, Shall I start researching this?
and would also be interested in making bread on site …

I expressed an interest in foraging – wild food. and mentioned Plants for a Future. They appear to exist still, their web site is at

Some of Epping Forest is in your 6 miles. They put on courses in identifying edible fungi.

HDRA (Now Garden Organic) hold the Heritage Seed Library – and might be willing to share seeds with a project like yours.
HDRA have a long history of involvement in community growing, and local food sourcing.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


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