January 28, 2009

Tuesday 20th January

A morning meeting with Andy Bisgrove, local artist / craftsman. This beautiful map of Historic Waltham Abbey was drawn by Andy who’s knowledge of the local area is vast. Little Waltham Abbey has had quite a past: King Harold’s Tomb , a medieval bridge, Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge and not forgetting Gunpowder Mills


Map of Waltham Abbey by Andy T. Bisgrove

Andy is keen to promote the non-corporate, independent businesses Waltham Abbey – so they’ve advertised on the back of the map, which he has printed in hundreds. He left a blank space for any future enterprises to put their stamp or sticker and has kindly offered it to Energy Cafe! We’ve been thinking about how to promote – trying to steer away from branding – letting the ‘identity’ of Energy Cafe evolve organically, collectively … but we do need a ‘card’ to hand out and being on the map is perfect!

Its half term soon and we’re hoping that ‘Kids Take Over’ at the start of Energy College on 16th Feb. We’re interested in learning by playing and doing, being free to explore, there’ll be no pressure or competitiveness in the informal atmosphere at Energy College.


Andy has great experience, talents and ideas and has offered to run a practical – ‘One World Workshop’ – helping kids to work safely with hand tools: to play, muck about, build, construct and bring their ideas to life. Energy Cafe will be open for kids’ own interpretations and imaginations to go wild! How would you make and run a cafe, kids? Details of dates and times coming up!

A huge thanks to Andy!


The mud situation isn’t improving and its All Day Worker’s Breakfast tomorrow. We’re expecting company. Amy starts a desire path from the trailer…


…while Amanda gets to work making signs for the paths around Gunpowder Park


for dog walkers and joggers to find their way to Energy Cafe


and their desire for a steaming cup of tea and off-grid fried egg sandwich!


We’re lacking in seating too… but that’s ok because everything here is made out of necessity. It doesn’t take long to knock together a quick ad hoc bench.


Its time to attract some roadside attention. Ella and Amy spend the evening in the Field Station making road signs and menus…


Local eggs will be served at the crack of dawn!


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