February 10, 2009

Thursday 29th January

We met Barry during a Park Ranger Volunteers day early January. They were having a lunch break in the field station – so we took the opportunity to introduce Energy Cafe to them and let them know that we are also on the hunt for people with a bit of time to get involved in the design and construction of the site.

Barry kindly offered his time to help out – so when he came to the site we took him to the trailer to ask his opinion and brainstorm ideas for the mobile kitchen – from trailer awnings to fitting out the interior with an adequate storage system.


We have no plans on paper, instead are creating space for different ideas that spring from conversation when people visit the site. A community kitchen, made by different people – a collaborative vision. Barry got to work immediately – we discover he is factory machines designer- so we know we’re talking with an expert here!


He sketched out how we could utilize the height of the trailer and incorporate a good size storage unit into it.


Barry looks at the materials available – demonstrating possible uses…


and then discussion turned to construction of an awning. Barry – keen to test out various possibilities that incorporate the trailer top doors….


creating a natural roof top for the platform that extends out of the back of the trailer. Barry left with pen and paper in hand – with promises to return with his designs next week. Thanks Barry we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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