February 10, 2009

Wednesday 28th January

Peter demonstrates how to turn an empty oil drum into an outdoor heater and stove

Tools to hand: Angle grinder and drill with large heavy duty drill bit.


step one: take an empty Oil drum, angle grind off the top lid – as close to the lip as possible


step two: grind the edges – to remove any sharp loose bits of metal.


step three: Turn the drum on its side and starting from the bottom …drill holes through..


approximately one inch apart all the way around the drum.. continue this for about three or four rows ( this allows a good air flow )


Step four: Drilling is quite a monotonous and tough job – so to make it a bit less time consuming we decided to continue the process by making rough slits in the sides with the angle grinder…


so it looks like this!


very pretty!


step four: turn the drum upside down and drill more holes around the edge of the base rim.


approximately one inch apart..(practice makes perfect)


step five: drill a hole in the middle of the base.


Cath gives it a name: “Drilling for Oil ”


Great Peter! Thanks! we’ll put it to the test on a cold wintery day!


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