February 10, 2009

Sunday 25th January

Dave installs the round sink


Rain clouds are on the horizon.


First job of the day: a makeshift weatherproof workshop…


…for Dave to put his brilliant carpentry skills to work, creating a surround in the trailer for the round sink he donated.


Step 1: decide on the ideal height of the sink for comfortable washing and saw a section out of the existing structure: a partially demolished cupboard.


Step 2: use a hammer and chisel to knock out the unwanted piece of hardboard.


Step 3: cut a length of sterling board about 2″ wide


Step 4: saw grooves into the length half an inch apart to make it bendy


Step 5: secure the bendy strip against the wall of the trailer with a bolt


Lunch break! The cook of the day is Anna: who made a delicious meal of rice and lentils with carrot and leek stew.


Followed by fresh coffee!


Step 6: cut two pieces of sterling board to size for the sink surround using a jigsaw



Step 7: fix the two pieces together with wood glue and clamp


Step 8: the sink fits snuggly


a bit of sealant and varnish will finish the job


with plumbing and taps to follow of course! Great work Dave! An essential kitchen item has appeared in the trailer.


We finish the day looking at the sketches and work in progress Anna (graphic designer) has made for an Energy Cafe logo. She’s also been doing a lot of research on wild food: about eating fresh pine needles tops with sugar, drinking sap from Birch trees, spring daisy soup and fishing for eels with hazel rods…

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