February 10, 2009

Oil Drum heater/stove

1. chop wood into kindling


2. Raise the oil drum slightly off the ground using paving slabs or something similar – to allow air flow through the base of the drum


3. light a small fire ( make sure newspaper and kindling bone dry!


4. keep adding kindling


until the flames get going, then add logs or as we did – waste palette wood.


when the fire is roaring at a constant temperature, place a grill on top..


The drum heats fast – good for keeping warm from head to toes. Its also an ideal multi purpose stove


for boiling water, melting snow and


toasting sandwiches.


until sunset we harvested the snow…using the water to soak glass jars and wash up in


we’re on the hunt for lots of water containers, tanks, buckets etc…serious water harvesting to do as the thaw sets in.


not only to collect grey water, but to look at ways to filter water naturally. Check out this bike powered water pump and sand filter...this would be ideal on site! anyone out there who would like to build it – or something similar during Energy College ? just by chance we have all the materials here to make it.

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  1. burnt buns Says:

    Your not foolin me. That sandwich is burnt. Sorry nice work

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