February 10, 2009

Tuesday 2nd February

The day after the biggest snow fall since 1991 ….when the entire city became a playground full of laughter and smiles – an unusually sociable community spirit had come out on the streets, all styles, free form, spontaneous –
It was a ‘snow powered’ day to remember…pylon on the pile of snow!

To get to Energy Cafe from Enfield Island you cross the line of Electricity pylons, past a childrens playground…turn right and go over the bridge…
into Gunpowder Park. Follow the right side pathway…

that curves around the slippery slope..
an ideal sledging ground…
and perfect spot to make a Snow Angel – This is how: 1. fall gently into the snow onto your back 2. keep your entire body flat on the ground 3.brush your arms in a sweeping motion – up and down ( as preparing for take off)4. move your legs apart and then back together …repeat arm and legs motions – until you have made a clear impression in the snow. 5. get up without stepping on the angel – and there you go! guaranteed to energise!
continue through the scrubland, turning right at the Hibernaculum – between the fenced off areas towards the Field station. On your left the sainsbury’s distribution unit comes into full view…keep on going until you reach the site, just left of the meridian point. Under cover – beneath the snow Energy Cafe is barely visible…
no real signage…with no fixed identity or branding, ever changing…
an off grid testing ground, full of potential…


to respond to the environment, out of necessity, to work and play with the natural elements, in all temperatures.
Today a perfect day to test out Peter’s Oil Drum heater/stove.

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