February 27, 2009

Saturday 14th February

Post snow thaw. Latest news from cruising boats: the bridges are getting smaller! The banks of The River Lee are bursting, and Gunpowder Park is drowning!


Water, water everywhere. Eddy, who is on his way to self-sufficiency, has been experimenting with it. Having put himself through extreme survival – living off rainwater for 4 days…he recommends purification for drinking by siphoning into plastic bottles and exposing to sunlight to soak up some ultra violet rays (click here for the science bit).


After inspecting the site Eddy quickly rigged up a gutter on the roof extending from the trailer…


A few slits in the plastic covering let the water flow through…


…and down the gutter for collection. For now, in the winter season, we are harvesting grey water to use for washing up dishes and hands and storing it for thirsty plants when we begin growing our own.

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  1. Bernard Says:

    I see you make many and many thing. I am in formation at Nantes (Cours des 50 otages) and i have not many time. I work j2ee and struts !!! It’s hard form me !

    I see everyday all the action, i have a question. Are you sleeping on the site ??? Since the beginning ???

    Good continuation and many kiss to Amy

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