March 16, 2009

Monday 16th March

Five more days to go until ‘Spring Banquet’ at Energy Cafe! an event not to missed – a culmination of all the winter season under construction activities and experiments made by many people. Its a time to celebrate! We hope you will join us to make the day and night an unforgettable event!


Still in the making, Energy cafe invites everyone to ‘chip in’  – to make the experience together….to bring homemade dishes or food to cook,  music to play, and plenty of energy for peddling and dancing! helping to keep the kettle boiling, the fires burning, the cups and plates clean is all part of it too … the night falls we’ll have limited light…so do bring torches and wear reflective, daglo or glittery etire for the occassion!

In the meantime ..under the heat of the is still underway…


The Tipi that fell with the wind, has  been beautifully reconstructed. ..


with a willow arch…


and patchworked cover…


Fantastic team work!


a shelter they call the Equinox “love Shack’!


Here are some of  the energetic makers! who will also be running all sorts of activities on the 21st…from puppetry to arts and crafts for all the family!


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