May 16, 2009

Energy Cafe Spring Banquet
Filmed and edited by Francisca Bancalari

click the link below to read all about it! a great ‘Spring Banquet’ Review by Kate Towerzey

A big thanks to everyone who brought food to share and set the field alive with community spirit!

Rubber Tyre Stage (and sprung dance floor!)
designed and constructed by Dave Richter.

bike power

Bike Power sound system with  ‘Magnificient Revolution’
Check their inspiring blog for news and updates this summer! Thanks guys!

solar band

Dr Realgood – local rhythm and blues band
Great set! first live ( solar powered) band to play at Energy Cafe !

Solar Panels loaned by Ken Boak
Worked perfectly – only a couple of blips when a cloud passed over the sun!

Cooking areas and other off grid demos


Burger Bar hosted by Florian -a  specialist in outdoor kitchen and cooking choreography!  who made a special trip from Berlin to construct the bar and cook! Top! The Oil drum Barbeques were made and welded beautifully by Chen.


Energy Cafe sprouts – amanda’s speciality added an extra nutritious crunch!
making braii

Fire circle  – South African Braai
Anna and Alan demonstrated how to make one  in just over an hour!- sourcing bricks, earth and pebbles on site

roasting veg

Fuel: Locally felled birch and ash – thanks for chopping Ray! – then a communal feast of roasted pumpkins, squash, corn and sweet potatoes .
copper fire pit
Copper fire pit – loaned by Kerrie
intimate set up for food sharing,  frying, grilling, roasting.


Wild food area /around the millstones – Nettle and mint tea was the most popular!

swirl stove

Swirl Stove made by Andrew Heggie

Brilliant fuel-efficient invention (runs off wood chips, sawdust pellets) that kept the water boiling into the night


Bio Diverse power station – designed and constrcuted by Shaun, Termite low impact construction. Fitted with water harvester ‘pitted olive’….

washing up close

provided 24 hours of washing up water!

strawberry tower

Vertical Strawberry Tower – designed and constructed by Tak Hoshino
With bike wheel wind turbine and umbrella water harvester

Energy Cafe Shelters


Love Shack Tipi area

Lynn Saunders from the Magic Music Box and team  – check out : funky puppets

funky puppets

organised loads of arts and crafts activities – in true spring festival style…


Giant bubble making, face painting to a sunset dragon procession .

Marquee loaned by Sherilee- A tranquil space for watching the sun set.
spring sunset

Willow bender – made by Shaun, Sherilee, Amanda and Polly
Great for the night time crashers! Six fit comfortably.

Landrover Tent – Ideal for two


birch boards

birch bread boards made by Peter !

fried eggs

Sun stove –loaned by Ken Boak

Runs off waste wood –  ideal for heating up homemade dishes. and making fried eggs breakfasts

solar air ballon

Solar air balloon demo with Eileen at 12 noon

morning view

To be continued!!


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