March 21, 2010

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Being the first day of Spring and exactly a year since the Energy Café 24 Hour Spring Banquet at Gunpowder Park, we felt it timely to share the exciting news that Energy Café has recently received a grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

This means, after months of figuring through plans and restoring energy we can now move into the new phase: Energy Café goes mobile. We will use this funding to complete the construction work inside the trailer, to continue what we started, to make a fully functional off grid community kitchen, based on all the ideas and designs generated during the pilot phase in Gunpowder Park. We will also be launching a new website in the coming months, planning some Energy College Workshops and host a launch celebratory cook–up (locations to be announced later!).

All this time – since May last year, the trailer has been quietly lodged at Gino’s place that he calls ‘the land where time forgot’ – a scrap yard local to Gunpowder Park. Now we are searching for a new temporary home for the trailer, ideally in East  London – but we’re open to other possibilities – we are looking for a  practical workshop space or any secure disused undercover plot to work on the trailer ready for the summer. If you know of such a place that we could use for a couple of months please contact us!

A big thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and enthusiastic about the potential for Energy Café during this fallow time, those whom have shared ideas and given advice… behind the scenes the momentum is gathering…. We’ll keep you posted!

The Big Lottery Fund distributes half of the National Lottery good cause funding across the UK. The fund is committed to bringing real improvements to communities and the lives of people most in need.

Read more about the post Gunpowder Park phase here: about


4 Responses to “”

  1. Hi Amy,
    great to hear the news.
    look forward to hear more.keep me informed.I might come up to see the project sometime
    all the best

  2. dave & sue Says:

    hola and all thanks that she keeps on turning……
    Well done for the funds,best wishes for mobile ventures

  3. ecotort Says:

    well done, I’m looking forward to a cuppa soon !

  4. dimitri Says:

    always love your works!… thought you might like some of the projects we are developing in Peckham!!!


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