January 6, 2011

TESTING TESTING…The Hawkwood cookups

Time to start testing the ranger hot plate and oven

and to re ignite our old faithful swirl stove.

and we have a very useful new oven thermometer. Apparently wood such as Ash and blackthorn are the best to cook with, burning slowly at a high temperature. A mix of wood seems to work well. Its quite a job to keep the temp high. On site at Hawkwood Plant Nursery we’ve been cooking up –  for the crew, volunteers and visitors. Henry Ranger is being fully tested..baking and roasting in the oven  and frying, boiling , simmering and steaming on top.

Tuesday 21st December 2010

The Hawkwood crew say thankyou and

to all their volunteers. This winter solstice coincided with a Lunar Eclipse and full moon.

Energy Cafe joined in the celebration and lit the fire during this shortest day to make hot toddy, roast potatoes and

spicy mulled wine for the occasion.

lit the fire at 10.30am –  serving drinks and roast potatoes at 1pm. Max temp 175 degrees

Sunday 28th November

Tea and cakes for Hawkwood Plant Nursery Open Day visitors.

On arrival the trailer was an ice box, it thawed throughout the day, helped by the sun and the ranger fire that took around half an hour to heat up. Physical and practical activity is part of the enjoyment and thrill of Energy Cafe. Simple tasks such as Chopping wood, building fires, filling water butts are a few of the energetic activities that accompanies preparation and cooking food.

The menu:  a milky chai, black ceylon or choice of various herbal teas.

With a melt in your mouth bite size Hot Rock Cake.

Baking time: approximately one hour. Oven temp rose to 150 degrees.

Thursday 18th November

just as the chillis ripen in the glass house..

we make a Lunch time cook up for the Hawkwood Crew.

to say thank you and introduce the workings of the kitchen

The Vegetables were supplied by the farm shop stall open every Wednesday and Thursday at Hawkwood Plant Nursery.

The menu: Baked potatoes

and Vegetarian Roots Goulash (seasonal veg including squash, carrots, parsnip  and celery).

cooking time: approx two and a half hours.

We made just enough!

If you live locally to Hawkwood Plant Nursery we recommend you check out the farm shop for delicious seasonal vegetables  – or even join the weekly box scheme. Its great value and you can really taste the difference!

Sunday 26th September

Students on the Permaculture course at Hawkwood Plant Nursery wanted to cook the Sunday lunch time meal.

So they used Energy Cafe and loved it!

and called the occasion the impromptu ‘inauguration’ of Energy Cafe

It was the first Energy Cafe cook up on the Hawkwood Site – the trailer came to life. As the soup cooked, the salad mixed and plenty of parsley chopped,  chatting and laughter filled the hungry atmosphere.

Bon appetite!

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