February 28, 2011

Winter Launch!!! at Prick Your Finger

9th December 2010

At last! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The newly customized Energy Cafe trailer is towed to its first ‘gig’ in public space!

Unveiling its shiny self on Globe Road, Bethnal Green, East London, to coincide with an opening at the world’s greatest haberdashery shop: Prick Your Finger

Wood smoke mingled with the lights and electrical atmosphere of this busy corner in London, bringing a touch of candle-light ‘countryside’ to the city.

Inside Prick Your Finger, Gina Birch from the Raincoats, rocked out to her exhibition of slogans, bags and banners called ’57 Ways’…

…while Energy Cafe was clearly an intriguing and charming street side attraction for visitors and locals, who’d like to see it return to their neighborhood! Over the last six months, we’ve been inviting people to share their thoughts on what locations, activities and events Energy Cafe could be involved with in the future. We’ve found that there is no shortage of ideas and interest for Energy Cafe as a community resource. All this talk has helped us in putting together a user-friendly manual: Coming Soon!!

A seasonal menu of mince pies and chocolate clementines was served up with piping hot, locally brewed spiced cider and wine mulled on the ranger…

…fired up with roadside-chopped waste wood.

How many people can you fit into a converted horse box? There must have been at least 25 squeezed in at one point…

Many thanks to Rachael and Louise from Prick Your Finger, to Vince for towing, Amanda and Ross for helping out on the night, James and others for supplying extra wood for the burner and to everyone who came to toast Energy Cafe’s new chapter and future nomadic adventures.

Not forgetting the police officer who directed us out of the one way street in the morning! As Energy Cafe was towed by Simon all the way to deepest Dorset.

We spent three days serving lunch on Powerstock Common, doing a ‘recce’ with locals for a future springtime event as part of artist, Anna Best‘s project: A Road For the Future.

We’ll keep you posted!


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