March 25, 2011

Micro-generation Experimentation is now on wheels and off the grid…

Over the last few days in the Regents Studios car park we have been working on the unique sun powered system.

The design is a collaboration between the energy cafe team and Lucy Sheldon and has been supported by Barden Batteries.

This micro generation experimentation has been developed to provide and explore off-grid energy at the “cafe”.  The equipment is loaded onto a trolley and connects to a solar panel.  Very soon we’ll be able to connect to wind and bikes too.

The system:

* 130w solar panel (solara)

* 12v DC power

* 128 Ah AMG Battery

* 250W of 240V AC power including a safety system

Coming soon:
* NEC system approval 

* Building A Wind Turbine Course by V3 Power – see calendar for further info
* Magnificent Revolution Resistance Unit – An Independent live 12v bike/solar power generator plus smoothie maker.
Magnificent Revolution are a not for profit organisation who use bikes and bike power within education and the arts
Lucy Sheldon is a product designer who works with mico-renewable energy systems

Barden Batteries is a provider of specialist equipment for renewable energy systems
Many Thanks to Barden for their advice and support.

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