April 6, 2011

Saturday 26 March

Here is Energy Cafe at Regents Studios car park in Hackney. A few visitors popped in and friends joined us for the afternoon. Energy Cafe  is run on people energy  – depends on this to keep it going.  To chop the wood to build the fire to heat the stove to cook the food…  James starts the process and chops wood. The logs are from Powerstock Common in Dorset. It burns very well in Henry Ranger.

Lucy arrives to continue working on what she has now named Sally the Power Trolley to  accompany Henry  Ranger, the swirl stove sisters, Lazy Susan in the sky with spices and Sunny.

Not much sun to charge up the battery today.

Energy Cafe needs signage. Luck and natural talent comes today as Jeb offers to make one.

A beautifully designed hand drawn sign; Coloured Chalk on Blackboard By Jeb Kruger Bentley.

late lunch turned out to be a cheesy omelette – with hand picked spinach from Amy’s garden and potatoes from Hawkwood weekly veg bags.

just enough for five servings..

Energy Cafe can cook up anywhere. Today it is in the car park that looks out to Regents Canal.  (see www.londonboaters.org for news on the action going on at the moment. Changes are being proposed that will effect daily life on the canals. Support is needed).

Energy Cafe received an encouraging thumbs up from Jeb  – Awesome of the highest rank. Him and his dad James wrote these comments in our guest book:


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