May 21, 2011

New springs for the summer season

This weekend we had planned the Wind Turbine building course with V3 Power at Hawkwood Plant Nursery. But unfortunately we’ve  had to postpone it. We will re schedule later in the year. We’re really sorry to have caused disappointment to all those who booked. But we’ve had to prioritise getting the trailer fixed – which is currently grounded in Powerstock, Dorset –  it needs urgent attention to become road safe again!

The story goes…We were about to leave the common and drive back to London. Vince was towing with his faithful landrover and as he was doing a final check he noticed a dangling bit of metal between the wheels! we took a closer look  – and saw that the spring (suspension) had broken, totally rusty……..yes very dangerous and explains why the trailer had been ‘snaking’ on the road.  So all our plans had to change in an instant!

Its taken a while to find the right garage…Energy Cafe trailer is prehistoric in trailer terms…an old  Sinclair built to carry two horses or three ponies. Toller Trailers of Toller Porcorum seem confident that with a bit of modification they can get her back the road.  Robin  is fitting four new beautiful springs – just in time for the summer season.

We hope Energy Cafe will be back on the road next week –  we’ll keep you posted!