Energy Cafe at Strawberry Fayre, Spitalfields City Farm, Buxton Street,E1

Sunday July 10th 2011

“Energy Cafe did a fantastic job of encouraging our young volunteers to enjoy themselves while learning to prepare food using sustainable techniques. We look forward to inviting them back!” Eoin Kearney, volunteer coordinator, Spitalfields city farm

“I really enjoyed helping prepare the food today. Energy Cafe have great staff who are all really friendly and enthusiastic. It has been great working with them”Jennifer Pring

“Helping prepare the food was really fun, all the staff were lovely and friendly and the food was delicious, Thankyou”Elin Clapton

“I really enjoyed preparing the food today because we worked as a group and made different types of food. and that energy cafe has a coupleof friendly staff and kind people/ I enjoyed the day it was really amazing and fun” Sefd Macit

“We should do this more, brilliant worth 1 million pounds, well done” `kush Garasies

“Today was good fun, helping with the food” Neyaz Ismail

“Today was good, I made mint tea” Rahim El Harrak

“Amazing!”. Elizabeth ( quiche helper)


Energy Cafe Lunches at Powerstock Common, Dorset

Wednesday 20 April

Lunch 1

We had a fantastic lunch, loved the nettle and garlic quiche. Keep going Amy and Ella, very inspiring“. Bettina, Dylan, Ellie and Alice

“A lovely walk was topped off by the superb healthy meal with good company” Rachel

“There is nothing like walking in the great outdoors – and what a wonderful spot this is, and such fun to meet new friends. Thankyou so much” Susan

“Lovely lunch, thankyou. Why don’t you contact Carnley Street Natural park, Kings Cross, they might be good people to work with” Suky Best

“Oh what a lovely quiche! (and spot and everything)”. Roger

“A very welcome stop in the middle of nowhere on a beautiful spring afternoon – excellent cordial, carrot cake and rhubarb – thanks”, Martin D Wood M.B.E

Saturday 23 April

Lunch 2

“A lovely surprise on our walk and a refreshing mint tea” Tom

” I love the Energy Cafe, thankyou for a lovely lunch”, Ben Penreath

“I like sage tea”, William Smallen

“Wonderful”, Maggie Owen

“How nice to be forced to stop and sit in the sun for a while – lovely”, Chris Stocks

“Lovely leisurely lunch in the sun – brilliant slow food. Thankyou Amy and Ella”, Jo Morland

“Beautiful – now I should just have walked a mile or two to get here and I’d deserve the luxury” Kim, David and Reuben Squirrel

“Thanks Amy and Ella”

Wednesday 27 April

Lunch 3

“Blissful lunch, blissful place, blissful people – well done xx” Christine and Ed

“Beautiful Cafe, Thanks”, Veronica Hudson

“Lovely soup, thankyou, really delicious”, Rosetta

“A fabulous lunch, beautiful place and delightful company, Thankyou”. Rosemarie Finlay

“We ate on Powerstock Common, lovely nettle soup, homity pie, nettle and dandelion beer – good company – great food – lovely sunshi, Thankyou”. Sue and Dave Cooper

“Great lemon tea” Jane Allen

“Wonderful lunch, please hurry up and come back again lovely to meet you” Kristin and Terry

“Delightful lunch, especially as it’s my birthday! Thanks for the Birthday Bouquet of wild garlic”, Sue Broadbent

“Thankyou amazing girls for the most idyllic lunch in the remotest place and totally ecological and yummy!”. Jane Percival

“A small Clearing  – among idyllic hills and woods. A little power packed horse box. Smoke coming out of the chimney. Trays of delicious food and cups of nettle tea, and beautiful girls and tables set for lunch. A lovely afternoon. Thankyou dear Amy and Ella” Anya Coper

“Thanks Amy and Ella – wonderful lunch – so ambitious – I’m very impressed with your menu! As for the setting I don’t think it could have been improved upon – as though it was made by god or some other ethereal being” John

“Thanks very much for an excellent fruity crumble. Hope to see you back here soon” Mauritz

Energy Cafe at Gunpowder Park

November 08 – March 09

visitors book:


“Fantastic love this space and think it is just what the area needs to bring the community together. Ella and Amy you are both so inspirational, I am amazed by what you do, keep up the good work, we will spread the word”, Lynn, Waltham Abbey

“I want to live here!” Kerrie, Waltham Abbey

“I was amazed at what was going on!”, Marian, Waltham Abbey

“Very impressed!”, John, Waltham Abbey

“Back next week!”, Gary, Waltham Abbey

“Collecting rain H20 – very innovative, solar cooking in tyres – how good is that!”, Mifa, Tottenham

“Wkd had a fab time, can’t wait till next weekend, keep it up girls, we love it!” Charlotte, Waltham Abbey


“Sunny and delicious!!”, Angus, Hackney

” I love this place! it’s so interesting and fun! there is so many things to learn!” Alice, Waltham Abbey

“Great initiative – lots of interest in being involved. Cooking and plumbing skills to be put to use. Teens very anxious to be involved” Eileen, Mus, Hana and Lela, Tottenham

“Lovely space, exactly what’s needed here and lovely for children! Thanks x” Virginia

“Have fun promoting Green Energy don’t loose site of that! wish you much luck, fun ( and exercise) and success” Flausiusz & Family

“Really hope you can stay on  this site at least for this summer – wonderful project” Paul

“Good Luck with the project, hope you can influence the masses to live more sustainably – it’s what the world needs now” J. Coverdale

“Very good idea to have this in the park, would be great to see it last all through the summer” D.

“Such an amazing place. The best egg on toast with great company!” Anna, Barnes

“Such a lovely place. I could live here no problem. Log fire, the stars and moon, people. I just love it. I’ll be back. Thank you.” Al, Barnes

“Lovely people.” David, Harlow

“Interesting project – I would like to see how it progresses.” Chris & Linda, Essex

“Great idea to create dialogue about important issues and bring communities together, I look forward to coming back.” Eddy, Camberwell

“Was here to help out with the construction. Lovely people, lovely food, much laughter!” Dave Richter, Hackney

“Energy Cafe! It is growing every day more and more, thanks to amazons Amy & Ella and all lovely people who are helping to build it!” Anna Stelmach, Forest Gate

“Dreams are more fruitful than the reality or the acts of man.” Kath Best, Islington

“Lovely carrot cake. Best wishes on your project.” Ann Brown, Epping

“Lovely for winter sun and somewhere to warm up our picnic curry…. Perfect… Thankyou!” Beth, Hackney

“What a fun time we’ve had; a lovely bike ride up the road, seeing cormorants, sheep and horses and now we’ve arrived to tea and fire and cake. I hope I’ll find the time to journey here again/ Good Luck.” Ben, Hackney

“Thanks for welcoming us into your lovely eco cafe. We heard about it so biked all the way along the canal from Clapton. What a great final destination! Good luck with the project and keep in touch.” Tabitha, Hackney

“Thank you! lots of love” Kajsa, Maki, Hackney

3rd March – Design with Labour (students from RCA)

“Great fun!” (Mark & Jack responsible for the ill-fated signage system)

“It was a great day!” Bianca (wind bag & cup organising table)

“Awesome day! Thanks v. much.” Geetika

“Super nicely cold weather!” Xavier (printer)

“Flag and jars” Kajsa Stahl

“Great Day!” Maki (wine box becomes draw)

21st February – Bike Power Workshop with Magnificent Revolution

“Beautiful space, beautiful work, beautiful people. Loved the inspiration and creation. Thank you so much. We’ll be back. Much love.” Holly

“Thank you so much for the food and inspiration. I hope to come back soon.” Eleanor

“Thank you so much, you’re doing great work.” Clapton

“Hope to get more involved – very excited about a wind turbine.” Theo

“I’ve ran a bike power workshop on this site. It was amazing. The sun was shining. People felt relaxed and enjoyed themselves. We’ve had food cooked outside. Brilliant!” Babs, Brixton

“Well done Amy & Ella. Wrap up warm.” Neil,

“Lovely nosh. Really useful. Thanks.” Phil, Oxfordshire

“Coffee much quicker this time!” : ), Jeff, Waltham Abbey

“Another great day! Boys really enjoyed making bows and arrows.” Kate, About My Area, Waltham Abbey

“I have enjoyed it and I had fun and everybody was nice to me.” Frankie

“I enjoyed arrows shooting.” Shane, Haringey

“I love coming down to the Energy Cafe.” Kye, Waltham Abbey

“I liked making stuff from the pieces of wood and coming to the Energy Cafe.” Eshan

“It was a very enjoyable day and I will be coming again.”

“Hello, thanks for an informative day. best wishes.” Robin

“Fantastic fun.” Mike

“Super space, great people, nice food etc. Keep up the good stuff!” Fabio

“Peddle power workshop was great! Met so many interesting, lovely people.”

“Awesome effort here guys. You’re doing some fantastic work. All the best for extending your contract. Yummy curry too!” Love Scottie

16th & 17th February – Kids Take Over for half Term: One World Workshop


“Great to be in the outdoors.” Annalise, Sally & Georgia, Chigwell

“I had an absolutely great time! Such a good idea for kids!” Illse

“Brilliant day! Our boys really enjoyed it. See you on Saturday for the bike power workshop.” Kate, About My Area, Waltham Abbey

“It was fun lighting a fire and playing on the gokart.” George

“It was fun lighting the fire and the people were really friendly.” Alex

“Excellent idea of making an Energy Cafe and how to make a fire.” Danyaal

“I had an excellent time. It was cool.” James

“I had a very nice time. I like the eco cafe very much, had fun with go kart and scooter. I liked the food, it was very nice and I hope I’ll have a good time tomorrow too.” Curtis, Waltham Abbey

“Excellent! Good luck with your future projects! Brilliant cup of coffee!” Ted & Joan

“My children had a great time doing wood work – running around playing with the bikes. Thanks for a lovely time!” Gabby, Mick & Adam, High Beech

“We had a wonderful time. Lunch tasty also snacks, coffee etc. Love the wigwam. “Superb! Keep up the good work. Children enjoyed themselves.” Karen, James & Hannah, Cheshunt

“I was chopping up the wood – it was good.” “I liked building the room the best and I learnt to use two hands for using the saw.” Ugo, Austine, Chino, Chisom & Tim, Waltham Abbey

“It’s fun – making stuff out of wood. There’s lots of different stuff to make and different friends.” Morgan, Waltham Abbey

“It’s fun and never gets boring.” Cherie, Waltham Abbey

“GREAT” H., Cheshunt

“Viva Cuba Libra”Andy, Waltham Abbey

21st January – workers all day breakfast


Photo: Maggie Radcliffe

“Very good to have a hot breakfast! Thanks.” Miles Fleetwood, Waltham Abbey

“V. Good Idea!” Steve Davis, Epping

“Keep it up” 🙂 David Gory

“You are fantastic…keep it going strong!” Maggie & Tony Radcliffe, Waltham Abbey

“A swampy outpost.” Robert Fritl

“More seating, barrel with some heating…” Patricia Browne, Waltham Abbey

“Thanks for the egg sandwich.” Giles Leaman, Edmonton Scrapp Project

“Love the space – great eggs, conversation and company.” Orlagh Woods, Proboscis

“It is a great idea.” Kye Towerzey, Waltham Abbey


“Thank you Lea Valley & all who value true learning…

We write in praise of Energy cafe
…in the Lea of the Valley
at the south of the centre
online with the meridian..!

What a wonderful resource to the town…
a refreshing step into the land of possibilities and beyond – no labels or mass-marketing!
a return to the earth with a sense of joy in nature & ‘simple’ science, inspiring arts and crafts, engaging the local community, challenging children of all ages and backgrounds to get involved with actual learning out of doors !

Long live Energy Cafe and its remit of healthy natural soulful food for body and mind…
…reviving the spirit of creative co-operation for a caring community…
A peoples alternative to hi-tech armageddon …
Thanks for taking a lead and sharing some wisdom & being part of the answer – not part of
the problem !
Our family really appreciated your efforts and in our small struggling town…any touch of creative work blending the arts & science is a step toward greater humanity and gives us all a little hope !
Au revoir Cafe Society”
Andy, Anthea, Curtis (6), Siena (3) Waltham Abbey

“AboutMyArea EN9 is proud to support the Energy Café as it is a community project and ‘keeping the community spirit alive’ is one of the main aims of our local website.

My husband Jeff, our two boys and I have all thoroughly enjoyed every event we have attended. In a fast paced age that is so dependent on technology it is great to spend time outdoors, make new friends, create things from recycled materials, prepare and eat locally grown fresh food.

For our shy nine year old son who is usually glued to his computer and has to be dragged away from it to say “I love it at the Energy Café” says it all!

Ella and Amy have done an amazing job so far and have captured and inspired so many people in the winter months, but this project is still developing so they really need the opportunity to evolve through all the seasons. Hopefully ultimately The Energy Café will become a self sustaining feature of Gunpowder Park run by the community for the community.”

Kate Towerzey, Site Editor, AboutMyArea EN9 Community Website


“This is an amazing project and one can only hope the idea will reverberate around Great Britain.  Ladies you are fantastic keep up the good work, how you managed during the really bad weather was inspiring to all of us.

One final comment my husband Tony thinks you make the best egg sandwiches ever.

Take care”

Maggie Radcliffe, Treasurer of the Waltham Abbey Town Partnership, local photographer and speaker

via email:

FLORIAN ( Berlin)


“Looks fantastic! What an excellent project.”

“Good Luck!”

“Dear Caféliers, So pleased Her Majesty is still delivering our ‘ L’eresies petite ‘:•} (did you find the hidden “Maroonhouse” print?) Spent a lovely half hour on the EC Blog this morning. Inspiring and smiling. Do stay warm, and cool. We hope we can make the Solstice sing-around. Happy cooking”, dave xx

via the blog:

“Hola friends The site is cool. All the fondest wishes of the heart.” Dave & Sue, Coventry

“Hello ! J’espère que tous le monde est en pleine forme, bon appétit à tous (“With the eggs”) A+” Bernard, Rezé la Maison Radieuse. France

“What an adventure you are having. Best wishes to the Energy Cafe for a wonderful year!” Mandy Ridley, Australia

“Hey that video from Cape Verde is mine! thanks for posting it–so much reinventing of the wheel–especially in development projects–could be avoided through better internet info sharing. I am a peace corps volunteer, and did an experiment with six different stoves with locals in Serra Malagueta. shall i send the results? great blog. thanks again.” Alex

“Good luck” Homemade Power

“Observing via internet your Energy Cafe Project, keeping in touch, and thanking you for sharing the news!” Stefania Luciani Binnick From Pennsylvania, USA – American Artist/Humanist, member of National Women Farmers and Gardeners, Central Susquehanna Woodlands Owners Association, and Greater Yellowstone Coalition

“Sunday 11, January. We visited your site about 3pm today but no one there. I left on your workmate a bag of cleaned tins and jars with lids. Just looked at your website and saw ourselves! Hope to see another Sunday.” Frank, Waltham Abbey


4 Responses to “Comments & Quotes”

  1. betrtina morgan Says:

    loved reading the blogs, everyone seems delighted. Can’t wait to visit.

  2. Ken Says:

    Having been present on the first weekend in November, what great progress Amy, Ella and friends have made in just 5 months. Looking forward to helping on some solar projects. Yesterday’s Spring Banquet was a great day out, met some wonderfully inspirational people – just sorry I had to leave at sundown.

    Ken, Redhill

  3. Eileen Says:

    My family and I have just spent a great weekend at the Energy Cafe. Amy and Ella’s spirit and enthusiasm is infectious and inspirational. We met up with so many nice people, shared food, music,information and ideas. We got really involved, lighting the fires, making mint and nettle tea, cooking on the BBQ, cooking a tagine, flying a solar airship, washing up etc.. The more we put into the experience, the more we got from it. We look forward to being involved in more of the Cafe’s projects and meeting up with people again. It can only get better.

  4. Terry & Kris Says:

    Just had a fantastic lunch at Powerstock Common,ate brilliant healthy food with some really great people.
    love it, keep on cooking!
    Hope to see you soon Terry,Kris &Sue

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