For Energy Cafe enquiries and whereabouts please contact:


phone: Amy: 07791246022 / Ella: 07947367463


5 Responses to “Contact”

  1. From Pennsylvania, USA- American Artist/Humanist, member of
    National Women Farmers and Gardeners, Central Susquehanna Woodlands Owners Association, and Greater Yellowstone Coalition- Observing via internet your Energy Cafe Project, keeping in touch, and
    thanking you for sharing the news!- Stefania Luciani Binnick

  2. Mandy Ridley Says:

    what an adventure you are having
    Best wishes to the Energy Cafe for a wonderful year!

  3. Bernard Says:

    Hello !

    J’espère que tous le monde est en pleine forme, bon appétit à tous (“With the eggs”)
    Bernard, Rezé la Maison Radieuse.


  4. Margot Greer Says:

    Does the damage to the Energy Cafe trailer mean that you will not be coming to Wales soon ? I saw mention of the Energy Cafe in the Guardian today, and would have tried to persuade you to come to the NAtional Botanic Garden of Wales – one of Wales’ best ‘green places’ – where I am a volunteer?

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