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Man-Made Futures
Readings in Society, Technology and Design
Edited by Nigel Cross, David Elliot and Robin Roy
This collection of readings is presented as a positive step towards a new concept of integrative studies in technology and society. The emphasis on this stimulating survey is on the need to choose appropriate technologies for the future.
Hutchinson Educational 1974
ISBN 0 09 121231 6

The Independent Home (on loan)
Living Well with Power from the Sun, Wind and Water
ISBN 0 930031 65 2
Author: Michael Potts

How to Live Off Grid
Journeys outside the system
Author: Nick Rosen
ISBN: 978-0-385-61127-5

How Things Work Volume 1
The Universal Encyclodedia of Machines
Granada Publishing 1972
ISBN 0 586 08995 3

Builder’s Greywater Guide (on loan)
Installation of greywater systems in new construction and remodeling.
ISBN 0 9643433 2 0
Author: Georgina Magin

100s of designs for solar cookers

Boom festival – Scheffler Mirror

A Solar Cooking technology was showcased at Boom 2008:


Cycle power!

Wind electric

Elementally powered Stage services

Transition towns

Urban Self-Suffciency

Save and reuse water!



Handbuilt Shelters
By Lloyd Kahn
ISBN: 0-936070-33-1

Building a Low Impact Roundhouse (on loan)
“It is as natural for us to build an appropriate shelter as it is for badgers.”
Author: Tony Wrench
ISBN 1 85623019 8

Building with Straw Bales (on loan)
A practical guide for the UK and Ireland
ISBN 1 903998 13 1
Author: Barbara Jones

“A piece of environmental drama.”
Author: Shelter Publications
ISBN 0 936070 11 0

Good Wood Guide (on loan)
A guide to the responsible use of wood as a building material. Published by Fauna & Flora International and Friends of the Earth
ISBN 1 85750 342 2
Author: Georgina Magin

Green Building Magazines (on loan)
Winter 2007 Vol. 17 No. 3
Summer 2008 Vol. 18 No. 1

Informal Architecture

Feeding People is Easy
by Colin Tudge
‘Here is a completely fresh approach to all our food problems, both global and individual and one that is entirely positive.’
ISBN: 978-88-901960-8-9

Slow food

Slow Food UK is a catalyst for positive and lasting change in the seeking and preserving good, clean and fair food. We aim to protect and preserve traditional foods and food cultures in the UK, preserve biodiversity, promote food and taste education and raises awareness about high quality and taste, environmental sustainability and social justice in the food we eat.”


The New Complete Book of Self Sufficiency
The classic guide for realists and dreamers
Author: John Seymour
ISBN: 0-7513-6442-8

Prehistoric Cooking
If you imagine that our ancient forbears ate weak gruel, some meat, and bread so hard that it was pratically inedible, Jacqui Wood’s study and recreation of ancient cooking methods and recipes will be a revelation.
Author: Jacqui Wood
ISBN 978 0 75241943 5

By Roger Phillips
A comprehensive guide with over 1,250 detailed photographs of mushrooms and other fungi.
ISBN: 0-330-44237-6

The Growing Kitchen Cookbook
What would you grow> a guide to growing and cooking a family meal.
Presents a collection of recipes gathered from residents involved in the Napier Grove growing Kitchen garden – an urban food growing initiative.
Limited edition


Food For Free
Richard Maybe
Collins 1973
The classic best-selling guide to Britain’s wild foods in a new all-colour edition. Each of the 240 species of nuts, fruit, flowers, berries, seaweeds, fungi and shellfish. With field identification notes and colour illustrations.
ISBN 0 00 219856 8

Edible Wild Plants & Herbs (on loan)
A compendium of recipes and remedies. The perfect companion for every budding forager.
ISBN 1 904943 73 X
Author: Pamela Michael

The Allotment Book
A practical guide to creating and enjoying your own plot
Andi Clevely
Collins 2006
ISBN-13 978 0 00 720759 6


The Seeds of Kokopelli
A manual for the production of seeds in the family garden
A directory of Heritage Seeds
Dominque Guillet

A Concise Guide in Colour

By Dr Frantisek Stary and Dr Vaclav Jirasek
ISBN: 0-600-31681-5

Liquid Gold (on loan)
The lore and logic of using urine to grow plants
By Carol Steinfeld
ISBN: 978-1-903998-48-9

Feeding London – A Taste of History (on loan)
This historical panorama illustrates from the daily experiences of two thousand years the truth of the saying ‘Man is what he eats’.
Author: Richard Tames
ISBN 0 948667 85 0

Permaculture Magazine
Winter 2008 No. 58
Buying & Selling locally, wild medicine, DIY water harvesting, Climate change and global strategies

The Jellied Eel magazine: Issue 21
Produced by The London Food Link

Backyard Fruit Collection in California

Foraging in Portland

George Monbiot Grows his Own Fruit

Fergus the Famous Forager

Ideas for the Urban Garden

Growing Grapes and Making Wine in London


Herb Cookery
By Molly Coe
Potpourri press 1969

Herbs: A Country Garden Cookbook (on loan)
Rosalind Creasy & Carole Saville
Collins Publishers San Francisco 1995
ISBN 0 00 255453 4


Home Made Country Wines
Beer Mead and Metheglin

Compiled by Dorothy Wise
Hamlyn 1973
Tried and tested recipes collected by The Farmers Weekly
ISBN: 0 60034424 X

‘Amateur Winemaker’ Recipes
Edited by C.J.J. Berry 1973
…a wide range of recipes for wines from fresh fruit, dried fruit and herbs, and for many unusual and exciting blends.
SBN 900841 10 9

Cooking weeds (on loan)
Vegetarian recipes
Vivien Weise
ISBN: 1-903018-30-7



Culpeper’s Complete Herbal
Author: William Culpeper (1616-1654)
Contains a comprehensive description of nearly all herbs with their medicinal properties, and instructions for making herbal remedies.
ISBN: 0-572-00203-3

About Herbs
Dr Benedict Lust
Thorsons Publishers Ltd 1961
Medicines from the meadows
ISBN 0 7225 0074 2

Proposal for a living medicine centre in London

Herbal Plant Database


Wild flowers of Britain and Northern Europe
Collins pocket guide
By Richard Fritter, Alastair Fitter, Marjorie Blamey
ISBN: 0-00-220062-7

More Common Wild Flowers
John Hutchinson
Penguin Books 1948

Collins Tree Guide (on loan)
Author: Owen Johnson & David More
ISBN 1 85623019 8


The Land
An occasional magazine about land rights, incorporating the land is ours newsletter
Issue 5: summer 2008
Muscle Power – the neglected renewable resource

The Land is Ours: Land rights organisation

SWOMP: Amsterdam


Free Soil: Art, Environment, Ecology

Low impact living initiative

The E.F. Schumacher Society – linking people, land, and community by building local economies

Environmental Activism

Permaculture Association

“is about creating sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns. An ecological design system that inspires and empowers us to create our own solutions to local and global problems.”

For green jobs see



The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
Written & Produced by Faith Morgan, Pat Murphy and Megan Quinn Bachman
Directed by: Faith Morgan
2006 Community Service


One Response to “Library”

  1. barbaracuerden Says:

    I like your library section, and the project too of course! I am engaged in similar pursuits here in Canada, but we are slower here to understand communality, having had long distances and cars and roads for most of our history. (more difficult to wean)
    But it is happening.

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