here are a few photos  taken by our friend Mada  of Energy Cafe at Shoreditch festival sunday 17th July


Recently we received the following message and collection of wonderful photos.

Here go the Energy Super Cafe photos.
All the best and sucess,
Antonio and Eulalia xx

The above photos were taken during the  Permaculture course at Hawkwood Nursery, September 2010. It was a Sunday.  We’d  had a call from Sean at Hawkwood Nursery, the students on the course wanted to cook lunch together – so they asked to use Energy Cafe. It was a perfect moment – most of the kitchen was ready to start being testing out. The lunch was  a beautiful occasion. They made a huge soup, home baked bread, and wild leaf salad freshly picked from the hawkwood nursery grounds. We talked alot about Parsley. Its properties, nutritional value and how it tastes so good sprinkled on top of these late summer soups. We named that occasion the Energy Cafe ‘inauguration lunch’.

Thanks to Antonio and Eulalia for sending the photos and bringing this memory back to life again!


One Response to “photo album”

  1. Bettina Wilhelm-Exley Says:

    Hi Amy and Ella,

    how are you? We just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful , inspiring and uplifting time we where able to spend with you. Your project truly rocks – and you off course!!! Hope to see you south of the river sometimes in the near future! lots of love always, Bettina, Dylan and Ellie XXX

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